Can I Lose Weight Faster by Eating Less?

There is vast difference in creating a calorie deficit and eating less. When you eat less you are basically depriving the body of many nutrients and the essential energy to get through the day.

Deprivation further leads to you craving more food, falling into a cycle of dieting-no dieting-dieting-no dieting, affecting your metabolism.

Instead of harsh diets and extreme methods, simple and sustainable changes come handy in achieving our goals. We help you with those custom made simple changes in your daily routine which helps you shed off those excess kg’s sustainably.

Here are 5 things that you can try rather than eating less to lose weight.

  • Priorities protein at breakfast.
  • Add a balanced afternoon snack.
  • Add a raw veggie to both lunch and dinner.
  • at least Walk for 30mins most days.
  • Keep your gadgets away at lunch.
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