How Long Does It Take to Get Abs? Detail Guide.

The most interesting & most frequently asked question in the fitness industry, Destination six-pack abs or How long does it take to get abs? If you are into fitness lifestyle you might have this question in your mind for so long.

Six pack abs are the dream goal of every fitness enthusiast but, Hustle, Failure, you hit & trail, you learn that’s how it is. Every individual has abs but we can’t see it because of the fat layer present on the abdominal wall due to the unhealthy lifestyle.

You already know that when we talk about six-pack abs it is basically Diet, Workout(strength training), Rest, Supplements.

Supplements like L-CarnitineCLAGreen teafat burners, etc. Let me tell you supplements are the add-on you can’t just depend on the supplement and expect results, it doesn’t work like that.

Note: Abs are visible at 9% of body fat*

Diet tips to get six-pack abs.

There is a famous quote that,

Abs are made in Kitchen

To get six-pack abs you need to consume a well-balanced diet to maintain the caloric deficit of 500-600 calories from your maintenance calories.

For example, If your maintenance calories are 2,500 calories then create a deficit & make it 1,900-2,000 calories a day & in a week you will create a deficit of  3,500 calories. And 3,500 calories equal to about 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) of weight loss.

Proteins are essential as they are building blocks of our muscles. I highly recommend increasing protein intake to 1.5/1.8 grams per pound of body weight. The protein-carbohydrate ratio should be 2:1 for the extreme result. Cut down fats a bit, you still need to maintain a certain amount to keep your body functioning.

Workout tips to get six-pack abs.

When I say workout, I mean weight training. It is important to do resistance training, to limit the amount of muscle mass loss due to caloric deficit. Weight training is just as important as cardiovascular exercises. I recommend to workout twice a day for the extreme result. Cardio and abs training should be morning workout & weight training in the evening.

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Morning VS Evening Workout
Morning vs Evening Workout


As we all know we break our muscles in the gym, feed them in the kitchen and grow them in bed. 8 hours of sleep is good enough to repair and grow your muscle.
People might tell you 70% is workout 20% is diet 10% is rest or whatever, let me clear if you mess in any of these three-factor it will be though to achieve your fitness goals.

Keep Metabolism Awake

Try to consume one small portion of food every three hours throughout the day. This will keep your metabolism steady. There is also a diet plan named a 3-hour diet plan.

Keep Hydrating Body

Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste, and acts as an appetite suppressant. Also, drinking more water helps your body stop retaining water, leading you to drop those extra pounds of water weight.

How long does it take to get abs (Summary)

Protein1.5gm/pound bodyweight2gm per pound bodyweight
Protein: Carb Ratio1.5:12:1
Rest6-8 hours of sleep8 hours of proper sleep
Caloric Deficit500-600 calories a day500-600 calories a day
WorkoutOnce a dayTwice a Day (Morning: Cardio & Abs, Evening: Weight Training)
DietClean nutritionClean nutrition
How much body fat can be drop/week0.5% of body fat1% of body fat
Abs are visible at 9% of body fat*
How long does it take to get abs (Table)


Beginner: 0.5% of body fat will be drop every week. If a beginner is at 20% body fat then 22 weeks will be needed to get 9% body fat, six-pack abs basically.

Advance: 1% of body fat will be drop every week. If the Advance lifter or fitness model is at 15% body fat then 6 weeks will be needed to get 9% body fat, six-pack abs basically.

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