How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time

Common belief has convinced us that building muscle and losing fat simultaneously also known as BODY RECOMPOSITION isn’t feasible for most natural lifters. You’ll often hear that you’re stuck with one of two options you can either build muscle by eating at caloric surplus or you can lose fat by eating at a caloric deficit.

But based on a review of dozens of body recomposition studies building muscle and losing fat at the same time is definitely possible it just comes with a catch body recomposition protocols are typically a more effective if one

  • You’re A Beginner
  • You’ve taken at least a couple months off from training
  • You have quite a high body fat

Keep in mind that if you’re a more intermediate lifter Body Recomposition can still occur in some cases, but at a much slower rate and mainly only if you’re at a higher body fat percentage and willing to perform as low cut but regardless of which category you fall under in order to successfully achieve a Body Recomposition there’s a few key points that you need to implement correctly and that’s what I’ll be covering in this article in order to successfully build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

Slight Caloric Deficit

The first step is to eat at a slight caloric deficit, Higher deficits will maximize more fat loss but will counteract muscle gain as a consequence. Therefore, You need to set up your caloric deficit so that you’re still able to lose some fat while enabling muscle gain.

Aim to lose a maximum of around one pound per week for most people this equates to a maximum daily caloric deficit of around 500 calories keep in mind though that your weight might actually stay the same throughout the process especially if you’re a beginner or detrained and have a greater ability to build muscle while losing fat but regardless of what your weight is doing just make sure it’s not dropping too fast and maintain your slight deficit throughout the process.

Maintain High Protein Intake

Adequate protein intake is essential for a Body Recomposition in order to maintain a positive nitrogen balance despite being in a caloric deficit which just ensures that your muscles still have what they need for growth.

Generally a research shows that anything over around 0.8 grams per pound of body weight is unnecessary in terms of muscle growth and maintenance but with that being said in recent studies where subjects were able to achieve a successful body recomposition they were often in taking around 2.4 to even 3.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight which is equivalent to roughly one gram to 1.6 grams per pound of body weight.

Progressive Overload

Muscles need a stimulus to grow and we provide that through resistance training. As a beginner or d-train lifter this is relatively easy to do since you’re able to gain strength quickly in the gym so stick to a solid training program and ensure that you’re progressively overloading throughout the weeks.

Which can be done by simply increasing reps or the weight lifted in your exercises on the other hand the more training experience you have the harder this is to do but given that you’re utilising only a small deficit with adequate protein your body still has the energy and positive nitrogen balance it needs to progress in the gym.


  • Maintain a slight Caloric Deficit that allows max of 0.7% weight loss per week.
  • Intake adequate of at least 0.8-1g/LB of bodyweight.
  • Stick to a Solid training program that focuses on Progressive Overload.

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