15 Best Proven Ways to Build Muscle Naturally.

15 Proven Tips to Build Muscle Naturally It’s no secret that it takes time to build muscle. But what if you can do it faster by working smarter rather than harder, well that’s exactly what I want to go over today is basic yet most effective ways.

I will do my best to make all these tips unique so it’s not going to be the same old stuff that you’ve heard over and over again like, simply telling you to eat more protein with that said let’s start with a very first tip. Basic Yet Important Tips on how to build muscle.

Calculate Daily Calories.

[a] Calculate BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Click Here to Calculate your BMR Note: 1kg = 2.204 lbs (pound)

[b] Daily Calories = BMR x 1.8

Example: Suppose BMR is 1682 then, Daily Calories (To Build Muscle) = 1682 x1.8 Daily Calories (To Build Muscle) = 3027 (3000 calories a day)

Boost Your Metabolism

Eat-in every 3 hours to boost your metabolism which will help the body to be in an anabolic state.

P/C/F Ratio

Macro Break Down would be Protein/Carb/Fat Ratio: 30% / 50% / 20%

You can increase or decrease +- 5% calories if needed.

Grocery Shopping

Do grocery shopping for a week or two prior, your training.

Set Goals

Set up 1-2 lbs. weight gaining goal on weekly basis.

Which could give you 12-24 lb. in 12 weeks. 3500 calories = 1 lbs ( 0.45kg )

When you consume 3500 Calories per week more than your maintenance calories you gain 0.45 kg (1 lb.) of weight per week

similarly, 7000 Calories = 2lbs (0.9 kg)

Eat Complex & Simple Carbohydrates

Focus on eating 4 meals Complex Carbs and 2 meals of Simple Carbs

Complex Carbs (Slow Digesting)Food Source :

Oats, Brown Rice, Brown Bread, Sweet Potato, Quinoa, Millet, Brown Rice cake, Wheat Roti, Wheat Pasta, Beans, lentils, etc.

Simple Carbs (Fast Digesting)Food Source :

Fruits (with low fiber), White Bread, white potato, White Rice, Fruit Juices, Sports drinks, etc.

Eat Protein rich food in every meal

Chicken, Fish, Beans, Eggs, Mutton, Milk, Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, Paneer, Soy, Whey, Casein, etc. 8. Eat moderate Fat food Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Peanut butter, Flaxseeds, Chia seeds, Sunflower seeds, Salmon fish, Whole egg, Olive oil, coconut oil, etc

2-4 serving of Fruits and 2-3 serving of vegetables.

Train 4-5 times a Week.

Do more Compound Exercises

Focus on Heavy compound movements with 8 or fewer reps which activates Type 2B muscle fiber. Which is mass muscle fiber. For example

Squat, Deadlift, Lunge, Bench press, Dips, Lying pullover, Push-ups, Pull-ups, Lat pull down, Shoulder press, Jump rope.

Rest Between Sets 2-3 minutes.

Drop Set

Add Drop sets by end of every exercise. This will help to apply extra tension to the muscle.

Be Hydrated

Drink 3-4 liters of water a day.

Add High-Calorie Smoothie

Add 1-2 high calories Smoothie if you are unable to eat much.

Digestive Enzymes

If you feel any digestion issue then add Digestive Enzymes it will help in proper breakdown
of food for better digestion.

Body Massage

Get Full body massage once every 2 week.

Discipline, consistency, positive mindset is important to achieve the physical goal.

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